Rhubarb Apple Custard Crumble Slice Recipe - Better Than a Bought One

Welcome to the weekend lovely people. Has anyone had one of THOSE weeks? I felt we needed to be rewarded.

This sounds like a mouthful and yes it’s a lovely one. A great weekend treat!

This time of year this is exactly what the doctor orders- wholesome, fruity and a serious rib sticker.

It’s a winters afternoon treat with a hot cuppa after a day of blustery outdoor activities be it gardening, walking or entertaining the kids. In saying that I have added a piece of this to the school lunch box and there was no complaints!

I know it seems like a fair few steps but make this at your own pace. Prep the fruit the day before if need be, start in the morning and chip away at it. Trust me the little (or big) mouths and tummies you fill with this will thank you for all your efforts.


125gm Plain Flour

50gm Rolled Oats

2 Eggs, room temp

1 teaspoon Vanilla extract

125gm Butter, room temp

Pinch Salt

125gm Caster Sugar or your chosen sweetener


500ml Whole milk

1 Vanilla Bean contents scraped out

Sugar to taste

1/3 cup Custard Powder

Extra milk for mixing with the custard powder

Fruit Layer

4 Cooking Apples, Granny Smith/Bramely or something similar

4-6 Stems Rhubarb

1 teaspoon Cinnamon

Sugar/sweetener to taste

Crumble Layer

1 cup Rolled Oats

4 teaspoons Brown Sugar,panel,coconut whatever you fancy really

¼ cup Plain Flour

¼ cup Butter, room temp

4 Tablespoons Grounded Pleasures Chai


Mix the custard powder with enough milk to combine make a runny paste around 50-60ml.

Set aside.

Heat the milk, vanilla beans plus the pod and sugar in a pan and when near on the boil. Remove the pod and whisk in the custard powder paste and return to the heat but reduce the heat to med/low and keep whisking as this will have a tendency to stick.

Take off the heat.  This mix will be super thick and gloopy don’t panic its needs to look like this to stay put on top of the layers.

Pour it into a bowl and cover with a layer of baking paper or clingfilm to stop it getting the creepy skin on top. Allow this to cool slightly.

Fruit Layer

Peel and chop the apples, trim the rhubarb and cut into bite size pieces. Pop them into a pan with the sugar and cinnamon and a splash of water. Bring to a boil then turn own to low with the lid on and cook for 10-15 minutes until the fruit is tender. Check for sweetness and add more sugar if needed. Again let this cool ready for assembling.


Cream the butter and sugar and slowly add the eggs and then the vanilla.

Mix together the flour, baking powder, oats and salt. On low-speed mix in the dry ingredients to the butter/egg mixture.

Scoop this mix in to a greased and lined 18/28cm tin and flatten evenly (I have also used a square 8 inch tin and it works it’s an even bigger mouthful, is that bad?).

Bake at 180*c for 20-25 mins until golden and bounces back when touched.

Let cool slightly.

Crumble Topping

While the base in cooking make the crumble. Mix all dry ingredients together and with your finger tips rub the butter into the oaty mix. Set aside.

Assembly Time

Rhubarb Apple Custard Crumble Slice Recipe - Better Than a Bought One

Now with the base cooked spoon or pour the custard layer on first to cover the entire base.

Yip it looks little bit like scramble eggs and not that appetising but work through it. Think of the end result!


Now gently spoon on the fruit trying your best not to put too much pressure on the custard layer but making sure you have an even spread.

Rhubarb Apple Custard Crumble Slice Recipe - Better Than a Bought One

Now finally sprinkle the crumble layer over the top. My little helper enjoyed this part as he got to eat the extras. Perks of the sous chef!

Rhubarb Apple Custard Crumble Slice Recipe - Better Than a Bought One

Return this ‘Beast’ to the oven and cook at 180*c for around 30-35 minutes or until you get a nice looking golden colour to the top of the crumble. If you find the crumble is getting a tad too coloured on top, grab some foil and pop on the top to protect this crumbly covering.

rhubarb and apple crumble slice-5

Let it completely cool in the tin. If you can hold back pop it into the fridge for a few hours to allow all the layers to set. I didn’t…the outer pieces were set but the custard oozed from the centre. Not a bad thing but if you are cutting more than two pieces I would advise waiting or the poor person who get served last wont have any custard in theirs!

rhubarb and apple crumble slice-8

Its time now to get the fire on, make a pot of tea and find your slippers.

You won’t be going anywhere fast!

Rhubarb Apple Custard Crumble Slice Recipe - Better Than a Bought One


See you at the next recipe, until then..

Remember be inspired and keep cooking like it’s ‘better than a bought one’

Liv x