peach and raspberry loaf-2

Oh Hi!

How was the weekend? Mine? Productive!

Not sure if you know but this weekend has been a LONG weekend, Labour weekend here is Victoria Australia . I am emphasising the ‘long’ as my daughters school also have Tuesday off too.

Lal Lal Dad enthusiastically fired up pizza oven over the weekend with that I launched myself into a crazy kitchen goddess cooking every conceivable meal in it! The beauty about cooking in our pizza oven is that is has amazing heat retention. My husband completely over engineered it and now over 24 hours after firing it up the temp gauge still reads just over 100*c. Other than pizzas which is the obvious I have managed to make 8 loaves of sourdough, vege soup, slow poached quinces, roast some rhubarb with vanilla and orange, Boston baked beans and some Brazilian bean and okra dish-the name has left me, it will come. So you can see theres no room in the fridge/freezer Inn now, maybe I need a bigger freezer…hmmmm

Oh and by the way I managed the perfect meringue  with the help of a 100*c pizza oven and 1 hour and 15 minutes, THE.BEST.I’VE.EVER.MADE I know thats big news.

I think you probably guess I am pretty excited about this way of cooking. Its been a long time coming (nearly 18 months) but worth every hand cut cemented brick. None of the above has so relevance to this loaf but I needed to share my excitement.

The peach and raspberry loaf has been a bit of an experiment as I am trying to keep the kids lunch boxes interesting, healthy and nut free (school rules). It’s a struggle some weeks I tell ya. Just so happens that peaches are still in season (just) and raspberries I keep in the freezer for occasions like this, smoothies or porridge. I had this idea of the classic  Peach Melba but in cake form and on the healthier side. I think I have ticked the major boxes with this super moist  peachy, zingy raspberry loaf (I hope, I am sure you will let me know otherwise).

The bonus with this loaf is that it’s a one bowl wonder making it super quick to throw together and less of the washing up duties.

peach and raspberry loaf-11


3 Ripe Peaches, yellow or white

2 Eggs, at room temp

120gm Unsalted butter at room temp

150gm Panela, coconut sugar or whatever you fancy

250gm Wholemeal Flour

2 teaspoons Baking Powder

1 teaspoon Baking Soda

2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract

1 Cup Frozen Raspberries

1 peach cut into segments to pop on the top of the loaf

Preheat the oven to 180*c fanbake Grease and line a 10x21cm loaf tin (or around this size) with baking paper.

Destone your peaches and throw the fruit into a food processor and blitz until you have a peach puree.

Add the butter, eggs, sugar and vanilla and blend until they are reasonably mixed. It will look a bit like a curdled mess but ignore and push through this stage it will get better.

Now grab your dry ingredients-flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt and add this to the wet mix, blend until just mixed.

Take your frozen raspberries and fold through the loaf mix.

Pour this mix straight into the lined loaf tin and lay slices of peaches on the top.

Bake for 50 minutes to an hour. Check at 50 mins with a skewer and if it comes out clean, if so you are good to go .

peach and raspberry loaf

Let the loaf cool for 30 minutes in the tin before turning out and cooling COMPLETELY before cutting. It’s a delicate wee soul so go easy with your knife skills.

peach and raspberry loaf-7

Its probably worth keeping it in the fridge as I found warm weather +moist cake=Mr mouldy is likely to move in.


See you at the next recipe, until then..

Remember be inspired and keep cooking like it’s ‘better than a bought one’

Liv x